How Should MMA Gloves Fit?

How Should Your MMA Gloves Fit?

Your MMA gloves should fit your hand snugly. It’s pointless to have it excessively tight that it restricts blood flow if you can’t use your hands in the way you want. They can also be too loose, causing them to slip off as the struggle progresses.

It’s crucial to think about how your chosen MMA gloves will fit on your hand. As previously stated, they should fit snugly on your hand when you put them on. When you start moving, make sure they don’t slip and slide. You don’t want MMA gloves that are too tight, but you also don’t want them to be too loose. This will just serve to reduce blood supply to your hands, which is undesirable.

Gloves that are overly tight restrict your ability to move your hands freely. Because your hands are so critical to your success as an MMA fighter, you need gloves that give you the flexibility you require. Gloves that are a little too loose, on the other hand, will start sliding off at the most inconvenient of times, generally right in the thick of a battle.

What Size MMA Gloves Should I Get?

The average male fighter uses 14oz gloves for training, while the average female fighter would use a size 10oz to 12oz.

In terms of how they actually fit, it is always going to be in your best interest to visit an in store location to try on a pair to make sure that they fit nicely and comfortably. This also gives you the opportunity to try on different pairs and ask any questions you may have about which options are going to be in your best interest. 

MMA Gloves: How to Wear Them

To conveniently cover the appropriate wrapping, MMA gloves should be worn over the full wrist and palm area of the hand. 


Today’s MMA gloves come in a variety of forms, but they all need to be worn in conjunction with suitable hand covers to give enough protection. Wearing gloves correctly will help you have a more positive and fun MMA experience. This is how you may protect your hands and keep safe while taking part in this fascinating and fun extreme activity.

Can You Use MMA Gloves on Heavy Bags? 

It’s not a good idea to do so while wearing MMA gloves because they are too thin to provide the type of protection needed when hitting a heavy bag. 

This is an extremely effective workout for increasing endurance and strength. It also teaches MMA competitors proper technique, which can significantly improve their chances of winning a bout. When hitting the heavy bag, make sure your hands and wrists are properly protected. This is because striking a bag weighing up to 110 pounds can produce a lot of stress, which can lead to micro-fractures in your hands if you’re not careful. Many MMA fighters believe that their gloves provide adequate protection, however this is not the case.

MMA gloves are made for a real battle with a human opponent, but they don’t have the cushioning needed to endure the constant impact of hitting a heavy bag. Rather, you should invest in some gloves designed exclusively for heavy bag training.

What Is the Best Way to Break in MMA Gloves?

To break in your gloves, start by balling them up and then bending the fingers over for a few minutes at a time to break them in. Keep repeating this method until you notice the gloves loosening up on their own. The objective is to remove the stiffness from the gloves so that your hands remain supple and safe while fighting.

Because having complete mobility in your hands is so critical for MMA fighters, it’s crucial to break in your gloves first. When you first buy a new pair of gloves, they are almost always stiff. If you merely put them on your hands at this point, you will discover that the freedom of movement that you have been accustomed to will be absent.

What’s Under the Gloves?

Under your MMA gloves, you should use hand wraps to protect the hands and wrists

Keep in mind that MMA gloves are exceedingly thin, and they don’t provide nearly the same level of protection as boxing gloves. As an MMA fighter, you must maintain complete control of your hands. As you begin to punch and fight, you’ll enjoy the hand wrap you’ve placed beneath your MMA gloves even more. This will help to lessen the force of each punch and lower the chance of harm. If you don’t have the proper protection and padding, punching might cause serious injury to your hands. Do not overlook this crucial component of your MMA arsenal.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to MMA, simply donning gloves isn’t enough. You must make certain that you are wearing them correctly. 


The knowledge in this article should assist you in doing just that. This will safeguard your hands and, in the end, make the sport more enjoyable for you. Be sure to also take the time to put forth a little bit of research in determining what the best type of MMA gloves are for your personal needs and comfort level.