Are MMA Fighters Good in Bed?

What Does MMA Have to Do with Great Sex?

Virtually everything, because the longer you practice martial arts, the better you grow at many things, including sex, without even recognizing it.


Martial artists aren’t just bad ass in the ring, cage, or mats — they’re also bad ass in bed Here’s why. 

They are Committed

Martial artists that are serious about their training put their heart, body, mind, and soul into it. 

They always push themselves to the utmost, regardless of which art they pursue, with the solitary goal of attaining their objectives. What could be more enticing than someone who is hell-bent on succeeding?

They are Flexible

Not only literally, but also quite figuratively because their intensive training sessions lead to having to stretch and bend in unique positions. 

MMA fighters are also more than willing to take whatever life throws at them, work with it, and use it as motivation to improve. In both the physical and symbolic senses, this translates well into the bedroom

They Can Last for Several Hours

Endurance is a crucial component of martial arts success.

Ever wonder how these Muay Thai fighters can go from a 9 mile run to a three-hour training session? Or how can boxers manage to punch each other repeatedly for 12 rounds? It’s called endurance, and it truly is something that all MMA fighters have or are striving to attain. Meaning MMA fighters are sure to last just as long at night if they can go multiple rounds without quitting.

They Have Incredible Physiques

What’s a bigger turn-on than rocking an awesome body? MMA fighters have just that. 

All of those hours spent in the gym add up to a hard, chiseled physique that can’t be acquired merely by lifting weights. Forget “leg day,” because in MMA, you are training every part of your body, every day.

They Enjoy Risk-Taking

Getting into a fight for pure enjoyment is all about risk-taking. You are putting yourself out there at the risk of injury and thoroughly dependent on the hope that you have put forth enough training to be successful. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a little thrill? It’s all about taking chances for martial artists. They understand that gaining excellence and triumph, whether in the MMA cage, Muay Thai ring, grappling mats, or a new office, is only half the battle. They’re constantly willing to try new things and aren’t scared to take chances – why shouldn’t they do the same with their partners?

Are MMA Fighters Lovers or Fighters?

Rather than making the choice between being a lover or a fighter, why not be both?

What you learn in martial arts class can be applied in the bedroom as well. All that it requires is just a little bit of imagination and perseverance!