Are MMA Fighters Hands Registered as Weapons?

Are MMA Fighters Hands Registered as Weapons?

Professional fighters are not required to register their hands as weapons. 

However, things aren’t as straightforward as they appear. Even though MMA fighters are not required to register their hands as weapons, a professional fighter’s hands may be considered deadly weapons in court in the event that they severely injure someone. But because there is no law requiring a fighter to do so, they do not need to register their hands as a deadly weapon in general.


Where Does the Myth Come From?

The myth of fighters having to register their hands as deadly weapons is noted to stem from two different sources: Joe Louis and World War II. 

Former heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis, was one of the first boxers to bring a cop to the weigh-ins and get his hands registered as “deadly weapons.” However, this was purely a publicity stunt. And it was a successful one at that. Though we don’t know if this stunt actually occurred, but even if it did, it didn’t lead to any kind of legal registration being needed for a professional fighter’s hands; rather, it appears to have been just another example of a fighter bragging in front of a crowd. Regardless of the fact that having a fighter register his or her hands as deadly weapons is a total myth, we nevertheless still fall for the idea today. 

Some argue that the requirement for professional fighters to register their talents dates back to the American occupation of Japan. The American occupants wanted to make sure they knew what was going on because they were in the middle of a war. As a result, before teaching or training in martial arts, martial arts schools, teachers, and even trained individuals were needed to register their martial arts experience and seek permission. Of course, this policy was not carried over to the United States, and it was abolished in Japan when the Americans left the country.

There’s also a small industry that has sprung up around the idea that professional fighters must register their hands as weapons. Some young guys, after all, are eager to impress other young men, and what better way to do so than to acquire a “license for deadly hands”? When the Internet notices a need, no matter how ridiculous that need may be, it likes to satisfy it. This means that in practice, there are dozens of websites eager to offer you registration (which signifies nothing) for a discount price of anywhere from $19.99 to $99.99. In exchange, they’ll mail you a small plastic card that serves as your “Martial Arts License,” which you may present to your (hopefully unsuspecting) pals.


Do UFC Fighters Have to Register their Hands?

Even though mixed martial artists have some of the most lethal hands in the globe, they are not required to register their hands. 

Professional fighters, such as those in the UFC, are exempt from registering their hands, legs, elbows, or any other dangerous limb. Professional mixed martial artists are among the most dangerous people on the earth, as they often have skills that include leg kicks, takedowns, and submissions in addition to their fists. However, even if their hands are potentially harmful, UFC athletes are not required to register them anywhere. They are not required to register any of their bodily functions.


Is it Illegal for Professional Fighters to Get into Street Fights?

Everyone, even those who get paid to fight, are legally permitted to defend themselves against an attack or threat. But no one is allowed to simply walk around looking for a fight.

According to various rumors, a professional fighter must declare his or her expertise three times before retaliating in a street fight. However, there is no law that prohibits a professional fighter from actually participating in a street fight. If a boxer or martial artist gets into a fight, they, like you and me, have the right to defend themselves. But, if this fight escalates and ends up in court, the fighter may end up in serious legal trouble. 

Because of their dexterity with their hands, they might be used as lethal weapons, just like any other blunt or sharp object. It’s critical for the fighter, regardless of their degree of experience, to only employ their skills in self-defense. As they can easily be charged with aggravated assault if they have the ability to break someone’s jaw and are aggressively going after an opponent when they’re no longer a threat.


What’s the Bottom Line?

Though hands do not have to legally be registered as weapons, they can certainly be considered weapons– especially if someone knows how to properly use them. 

As previously stated in this essay, having fighting skills can put you at a larger danger in a court of law. There are a lot of misconceptions about mixed martial artists out there. The vast majority of them are false, as most of the rumors are nothing more than publicity stunts aimed at generating interest in the fighter. 

If you are a mixed martial artist with a lot of skill in using your hands, keep in mind that they can be considered deadly weapons in court. And you may want to think twice about putting your skills to the test in a fight that is just not worth it.