Can Boxers Beat MMA Fighters?

An MMA fighter would beat a boxer in a battle with no rules or with MMA regulations. 

If we’re talking about Mike Tyson vs. a 135-pound semi-professional MMA fighter, the outcome might be different. When it comes to two professionals (for example, McGregor vs. Mayweather), an MMA fighter always defeats a boxer.

A fighter now obviously wins under boxing rules. For an MMA fighter who must split their training time between numerous martial arts, the advantage of years of honing a single skill set is too large to overcome. When people watch professional fighters compete for titles on television, they become enthralled. Many people, however, are unable to distinguish between martial arts. Both boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) may appear to be the same to the untrained eye. However, there is a significant distinction between MMA and boxing.

So, let’s compare the two combat arts to see which one is superior. But first, a quick primer on boxing and mixed martial arts. 

What Exactly Is Boxing?

Boxing is a centuries-old fighting sport that has been practiced by people all over the world.

It has, however, grown in popularity in recent years. It entails landing punches on your opponent with a combination of punches in order to score points or knock them out.

These contests are frequently broken down into three to twelve rounds, each lasting between one and three minutes. When you knock your opponent to the ground, the fight comes to a halt for a brief moment. In this instance, you must wait for the referee to count to ten before announcing the winner as the standing boxer. The combat will resume if the fallen opponent rises before the count is completed.

For safety reasons, both participants in boxing must wear thick boxing gloves and mouth protection. There are no kicks or takedowns involved. In other words, you are unable to use any other fighting method. You must knock out your opponent or win more rounds on points using only fists.

What Exactly is MMA?

MMA is both a combat sport and a highly effective form of self-defense that combines multiple martial arts. 

The phrase “mixed martial arts” was first coined in 1993, and it has since evolved into its own martial art as it has grown in popularity throughout the world. The issue about MMA is that it was created by combining techniques from many fighting systems. MMA is a new style that combines these methods. Wrestling, striking, grappling, and even boxing are all part of it. It can be done both on the ground and while standing. To finish an opponent in MMA, the fighter employs a variety of methods. They have the freedom to use any fighting style they desire. The UFC, on the other hand, has a few restrictions in place to keep the fight from devolving into a street brawl.

In mixed martial arts (MMA), two fighters with multiple martial arts expertise battle against each other. The match is broken up into multiple rounds. You will be proclaimed the winner if you win more rounds than your opponent. Matches are usually broken into three rounds, each lasting up to five minutes. A championship battle usually lasts five rounds.

MMA has its own system of regulations that differ significantly from boxing. The ground game is a facet of MMA, and combatants can fight each other using grappling tactics. They use skills from other fighting disciplines, like jiu-jitsu and wrestling, in this scenario. There are some restrictions on the types of blows you can use, options aren’t limited to punches. In professional matches, elbows, kicks, and knee blows are permitted. 

Boxing vs. MMA: A Comprehensive Comparison

MMA fighters have an advantage because they are allowed to use multiple methods on the ground and standing. 

A boxer may not have been trained to deal with a wide range of attacks. This could be an issue for him if he is up against someone who has been taught to employ a larger range of fighting tactics. A fighter, for example, may be able to block and slip punches fired at his head, yet he may be unable to defend against a full-impact knee attack.

Because boxers are primarily trained to fight from a standing position, the ground game can be a major difficulty for them. Not only that, but during a battle, the ground is considered their “safe zone.” If they are struck down, it allows them to quickly recover. If you are knocked down in boxing and do not get up, the bout is usually finished. In MMA, however, this is not the case. When an MMA fighter is knocked down, his opponent usually takes advantage of the situation to seize him and take control of the ground. He can then finish the battle by knocking out or submitting the opponent.

Boxers are usually finished as soon as they reach the ground. This is due to the fact that they are unprepared to deal with a conflict in that situation. They’d be done with a simple joint lock submission. That isn’t to say that MMA fighters don’t encounter challenges when they enter a boxing ring. A mixed martial artist is taught to use a variety of strikes. This makes them acclimated to it, and they react in the ring according to their instincts. When an MMA fighter does this in a boxing match, they are frequently disqualified. They sense an opening and automatically kick, which is illegal in boxing. In a boxing ring, one of the most serious issues that MMA fighters face is their fighting style. 

MMA fights are also made up of fewer rounds that run longer. However, in terms of total fight time, they are still shorter than a boxing battle. If an MMA fighter does not pace themselves properly, this might be an issue. A boxer who has been trained for these types of fights, on the other hand, would be more equipped to handle all of the rounds. In this situation, a boxer may be able to outlast an MMA fighter in the final rounds.

This was demonstrated in the 2017 Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor title boxing battle. Conor McGregor, a well-known mixed martial artist, was slated to face Floyd Mayweather, a well-known boxer. McGregor dominated the opening five rounds of the fight. He kept delivering punches after punches, preventing Mayweather from landing effective shots. In the first few rounds, McGregor expended most of his energy. McGregor was observed restraining himself from delivering kicks in the seventh round. Mayweather was able to outfight and outlast McGregor in the end, and thus winning the fight.

So Who Would Win?

It all relies on how good the fighter is and how they opt to use their techniques to improve their overall effectiveness in the fight. 

As we can see from the preceding explanation both MMA and boxing have advantages and disadvantages. They both require a significant amount of training and skill sets in order to ultimately win the match.