Where Do MMA Fights Take Place?

MMA fights take place both in the cage and outside of the cage across the world.


Where Do MMA Fighters Fight?

In professional events, MMA fights are usually fought in a cage, and in amateur tournaments, MMA bouts are fought in a plain matted area.

Where an MMA fight takes place in terms of an arena, cage, or a simple matted area is largely dependent on the MMA promotion, location of the fight (i.e. large venue or a local area), and any regulations that are in order according to the state or country. 


What Regions Do MMA Fights Take Place?

MMA fights take place in prestigious regions around the world, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and New York.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the United States, but it is a sport that is practiced around the world. In fact, MMA has at one time or another been prohibited in a number of nations throughout history, but it is now allowed in practically every country on the planet. While some countries do not recognize or promote mixed martial arts as a sport, that does not mean that the sport is actually banned in such countries. 


What are Some of the Top Venues Where MMA Fights Take Place?

Some of the top venues where MMA fights take place include places like the O2 Arena (in London), Mandalay Bay Events Center (in Las Vegas), and the Du Forum (in Abu Dhabi). 

Other top rated venues and arenas that have been hosts to the sport of MMA, include but are most certainly not limited to: 

  • Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas: Throughout the years, The Ultimate Fighter finales have been held in The Pearl Theater at The Palms Casino Resort. The tenth season of TUF, which featured heavyweight contestant Roy Nelson, was arguably one of the most memorable. Brendan Schaub, Matt Mitrione, and, of course, backyard brawling icon Kimbo Slice were also all introduced to UFC fans during TUF season 10. Furthermore, the Pearl Theater witnessed history as Jon Jones suffered his sole career loss during the TUF 10 finale’s co-main event. Jones was on his way to a convincing victory over Matt Hamill when he was disqualified for a couple of illegal elbow strikes. Jones’ ascension to superstardom and eventual emergence as the UFC light heavyweight GOAT, though, was undamped by the defeat.
  • UFC Apex: The UFC Apex’s existence is proof that mixed martial arts is a pandemic-proof sport. The UFC was able to hold events even without a live audience thanks to venues like the UFC Apex and Fight Island (Yas Island). The Apex has seen a number of significant events recently, including the completion of the Stipe Miocic-Daniel Cormier trilogy, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s final UFC bout, and the start of Francis Ngannou’s reign as heavyweight champion.
  • The MGM Grand Arena: The historic MGM Grand Garden Arena has hosted some of the biggest boxing and mixed martial arts events in history. It is also the UFC’s unofficial home, having held 43 events in the last two decades. The start of the famed rivalry between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell took place at MGM, which has hosted countless other memorable UFC moments.

MMA fights take place across the globe, and the locations in which they take place only seem to grow by the year as the popularity of the sport increases. From outdoor set-ups to top-notch, high end arenas, MMA is a sport that can take place virtually anywhere as long as it is safely monitored and regulated, it is a sport that can truly be enjoyed by anywhere, regardless of where the fights take place.